Free Logic Studios

Leveling the Playing Field

We are a Content Creation Company for All.

Building Relationships,
Not Quick Transactions

We are a team of award winning film makers focused on creating an awe-inspiring experience for our clients. In an era where content is king, our goal is to provide anyone a chance to create what they dare to dream or imagine.

Commercial Shoots

Turn your product or business into content that is sure to catch eyes and stir up some buzz.

Podcasts & Webshows

Create a platform where your thoughts and ideas take center stage and where your creativity becomes the driving force.

Social Media Content

Content that is personalized to tell your story and stylized to have “Share” at the end of everyone’s fingertips.


From weddings to digital conferences, showcase your event to keep the buzz going long after its over.

Drone & Aerial Production

Bring your content to new heights and show off a view thats sure to widen eyes and drop jaws.

Product & Lifestyle Photography

From head shots to product showcases, we’ll capture your personality in a handful of single moments.

Video Editing

We’ll help focus and finely tune your content to give it the voice you imagined.

Motion Graphics & Graphic Design

Bring your thoughts and ideas to life with a style that’s sure to catch eyes and leave a lasting impression.


Tell your story in away that not only makes your voice heard but also leaves your audience awestruck.